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Photo Credit: WWE

Shelton Benjamin Is Still Wondering Where His Staring Gimmick In WWE Was Going

A few years ago, in 2019, the Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin was often interviewed backstage, but he would never answer the question. He would rather just look around the room and then in the end smile. That would be the end of the segment. This was an angle that was ongoing for a couple of weeks.

Recently, while speaking to Simon Miller of WhatCulture Wrestling, Shelton Benjamin shared that he too had no idea about the direction. He also shared that he was given an assignment and he did it.

“I’ll be honest. I’m still wondering where that was going to go. Like, this is the point in the interview, where you just put that face on the screen because I… Even I’m wondering where it goes. Like I said, I was given an assignment and I just did my assignment. I had no idea where it was going. Some things are way more appreciated when you don’t understand it. You know? It’s like a magic trick. If you look behind a curtain, you see how it’s done, it’s not as intriguing,” Shelton Benjamin said.

Shelton Benjamin reflects on his WWE career

During the same interview, the Gold Standard looked back at his WWE career.

“Hey, the first time we can’t pay the mortgage. I got to find something else to do. [Laughs]. I’ve been a pro wrestler for longer than anything else in my life… Yeah… I’ll be honest, it seemed like it was yesterday. The time… People don’t realise, the time goes by so fast and especially when you’re having a good time. My first five years in the business, blink and it was phew… And then like I said, my time in Japan, blink, phew… And it’s over. My last run in WWE, blink, and it’s over. I can’t say that’s necessarily a bad thing. [Laughs]…

“But like I said, time just flies when you’re like… Like I said, I could… All the old-timers can tell you, it just seems like yesterday that I just started and I was thinking, ‘Oh, this would be something good to try for a couple of years.’ And I said, ‘I want to be retired by at least 40.’ Well, I’ve overshot that by… Not quite a decade… I always knew pro wrestling was a part of making memories, make yourself memorable. I’ve never been a WWE Champion or anything like that. But, I’m memorable. And that was my goal. Make me do stuff when you go out, get an emotional reaction and make sure they’ll remember it,” Shelton Benjamin said.

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