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Photo Credit: WWE

Randy Orton Reveals His Favorite RKO Of All Time

The RKO is arguably one of the greatest finishers of all time. The signature move of Randy Orton has been the focal point of several memorable moments in WWE history. Recently, the Viper shared what was his favorite RKO of all time.

During an interview with street journalist Adam Glyn, Randy Orton reflected on his favorite RKOs of all time. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion mentioned that fans have often shared their favorites and one of them being the RKO on Evan Bourne by catching him off a Shooting Star Press. He also named some of his favorites, such as his recent RKO on Chad Gable, similar to the one he gave Evan Bourne [Matt Sydal] and the RKO he hit Seth Rollins with at WrestleMania 31.

But despite all these, Randy Orton’s favorite RKO of all time was when he hit JD McDonagh with the RKO as he was thrown from the top of the War Games Cage.

“I mean, I’ve had a few, a lot of people like the one with Evan Bourne, out of the Shooting Star Press. The one with Seth Rollins at WrestleMania was big, off the Curb Stomp. Um… I did one with Chad Gable, where he was Moo… Doing a Moonsault. And I had never done that before. I was a little leery of that. But I think most recently, on my debut, my return I should say, at War Games in Survivor Series, in November, I RKO’d JD McDonough off the top off the cage. Never done that before. So, I’m gonna go with that one,” Randy Orton said. 

What is your favorite RKO?