Trent Seven IMPACT Final Resolution
Image Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

“Speedball” Mike Bailey vs Trent Seven Set For 5/23 TNA Impact

TNA announced a huge match for next week’s Impact, pitting Trent Seven against “Speedball” Mike Bailey.

The pair have been tagging together in TNA since Seven’s debut in the company. They beat The Rascalz at TNA Final Resolution, debut Speedball Mountain as a team in the company.

Since then, the pair have become a top team in the promotion. They picked up a huge victory over ABC on Impact last week, although that could lead to the team imploding, given the match that one is building too.

With Mustafa Ali at ringside for that bout, the stipulation was set. Whichever team won the bout would face off in a singles match against one another for the shot at Mustafa Ali’s X-Division Championship at Against All Odds.

That match has been booked for the 5/23 episode of TNA Impact. Gia Miller caught up the pair on Twitter, talking about the impending bout between the pair.

They were asked how they feel about facing each other next week. Mike Bailey spoke first

“Trent. Ever since the abrupt incarnation of Speedball Mountain, you and I have been very clear about this. Our purpose is to represent the very peak of professional wrestling.”

Trent Seven then took the microphone and said:

“Indeed. Very recently, our performances have taken us very, very close to what I believe is the summit of TNA. Under Siege. The main event with House Hardy. Beating the ABC in the center of the ring. And now, the weird and wonderful paths of our professional wrestling career have taken is reaching an abrupt crossroad. And that crossroad is Impact next week, where for the first time ever Trent the Seventh vs the Ball of Speed”.

They shook hands, bowed, and Bailey declared, “May the best man win”.