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WWE Teases Bo Dallas/Uncle Howdy In Twitch Footage

WWE continues to tease the return of Uncle Howdy, this time via Twitch.

The character of Uncle Howdy has not been seen since March 2023, when Bray Wyatt was taken off television due to injury. He was supposed to be a part of Wyatt vs Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania, but that match was ultimately cancelled.

Bray Wyatt did not appear on TV again, and shockingly passed away in August 2023. It seemed like that was the end for Uncle Howdy, who is played by Wyatt’s brother, Bo Dallas. However, recent teased indicate an immediate return for the character, the latest being shown in Twitch.

On Monday Night Raw, this week, a QR code appeared, leading fans to a series of images. One of the images included a floppy disk labelled ‘5.16.24 4pm + WITCH.’. This was a teaser, as at 4pm, WWE’s official Twitch account was “hacked”, and showed footage of the psychiatrist who previously appeared with Bray Wyatt.

This 55-minute long video showcased a therapy session with said therapist, with an unknown patient. She asked how they were feeling, and how their perception of social media made them feel.

The client does not speak throughout the video. Instead, he hands notes to the therapist, who reads out his answers, in increasingly distressed tones.

Throughout the video, “glitches” appear on the screen, showing various frightening images and QR codes. The words “You Will Understand” appear numerous times on screen, as the figure in therapy remains silent.

The video ends with a newspaper clipping, showing that the therapist has gone missing. It then cuts to a grainy image of Uncle Howdy, revealing that he was the man behind the camera all along.