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Chris Jericho’s ‘The Painmaker’ Graphic Novel Is Now Available

Chris Jericho’s new “Painmaker” graphic novel is now available.

The Painmaker is a character Jericho created in New Japan Pro Wrestling. It is ostensibly Jericho in a hat and a spikey jack, but face paint on his eyes. He brings out the character for hardcore matches, although the wrestling fanbase has not taken to it as he would have liked.

Nevertheless, Chris Jericho has pushed on with the character. He created his own graphic novel, which is now available as a digital comic through Phantasma.

The project was first announced in the summer of 2022. NFTs based around the character have also been made available.

The comic is available for purchase on ThePainMakerProject, which details the backstory of the character. It reveals that the Painmaker is a serial killer seeking power and redemption in a four-part series.

On the official website, they wrote:

“Join THE PAINMAKER as he makes his way through a techno occult landscape seeking power and redemption. A serial killer caught in a cosmic battle against an array of obstacles and adversaries. Chris Jericho and Semkhor studios are creating an explorable world based on chris’s original character “THE PAINMAKER”. The first part of this project is a 4 issue story arc that explores the origins of the painmaker. The story will be released in 4 separate issues and also as a bound hardcover book.”

Chris Jericho Is Planning A Painmaker Movie

Not content with just a graphic novel, Chris Jericho wants to bring the Painmaker to the big screen. In an interview with The Rick & Cutter Show., he revealed he plans to make a film based on the character, having tired of the current superhero movies on offer.

“I just put out a comic book for a character that I played in Japan called the Painmaker. It’s a wrestling character that I made a comic book character with the end game being a Painmaker movie because I’m sick of Batman, Superman, Spider-Man movies. Sooner or later, someone has to create a new superhero, so I created this Painmaker character,” Jericho explained. “’You want to do a movie?’ Yeah, I’m going to do a movie. What do you think about that? You just get the confidence to know there is always a way to make things work if you believe in it and want to do it, then go do it. Don’t make excuses why it’s not going to happen, find out the reasons how you can make it work and then make it go happen.”