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Paul Walter Hauser Would Love To Do Something With WWE, Comments On His Future

Paul Walter Hauser discusses his future in wrestling.

Emmy Award-winning actor Paul Walter Hauser has gotten involved in wrestling in recent years. He is set to compete at MLW Battle Riot VI on June 1. Hauser has also appeared on AEW programming in the past. He recently made an appearance at ROH Supercard of Honor 2024.

In an interview with Mike Roe of TheWrap, Paul Walter Hauser made it clear that he would like to wrestle more.

“I would love to be able to wrestle on average, maybe 10 times a year or even once a month on average,” Paul Walter Hauser said. “If it’s more than that, I would just have to make sure that I’m having enough time with my family, I’m getting paid enough to justify that.”

It was then noted that Hauser “plans to continue to appear” for MLW after MLW Battle Riot VI. He intends to make appearances around his film shooting schedule. Hauser also teased his interest in signing somewhere.

“If TNA or AEW or MLW wanted to sign me, I would literally take that into consideration to be part of a contracted role somewhere,” Hauser said.

Paul Walter Hauser On WWE And AEW

Paul Walter Hauser then noted that appearing on WWE WrestleMania would be a dream come true. He noted that he would love to do something with the company.

“WrestleMania would definitely be an absolute dream come true and would be a great moment for me, a very emotional one,” Paul Walter Hauser said. “Even if it wasn’t a WrestleMania and it was something like SummerSlam or being a part of a Survivor Series team, I would love to do something with those guys at some point, if it ever made sense with them.”

Hauser also commented on working with AEW. He expressed that he was not sure whether he fit in a place whose slogan is “where the best wrestle.”

“It’s tough with AEW right now, because their slogan has become, ‘where the best wrestle.’ And while I think I’m a very good actor-turned-wrestler and I’m doing it for real, there’s no way I’m one of the best,” Hauser said. “Because I think at the end of the day, it’s about being mutually beneficial,” Hauser said. “And as my star continues to rise with acting, maybe I can be reciprocal for a WWE or an AEW.”

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