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Lola Vice: NXT Underground Match Against Natalya Was Heartwarming, I’m Grateful

Lola Vice discusses her NXT Underground match against Natalya.

Lola Vice is one of the fastest-rising stars in NXT. She had a major opportunity at NXT Spring Breakin’. She headlined the second week in an NXT Underground Match against Natalya.

Speaking on WWE – Die Woche, Lola Vice reflected on the match and spoke highly of Natalya. (H/t Andrew Thompson of POST Wrestling for the transcription)

“So, that moment for me was so heartwarming because not only was it the first time the women in NXT get the opportunity to do that but, I felt like myself in the cage again and I hadn’t felt that way in almost two years after making this transition,” Lola Vice said. “But in that moment, my fighter came out and I felt like I was in the cage against Natalya. Natalya, she’s incredible and she brought it that day. She brought it. I can’t stand her though but, I will say it was one of the best moments in NXT I’ve had so far.

“I admire that woman. She’s been here for so many years and she’s seen it all and I would never be able to take away the accolades that she’s done for this company and I’m grateful to have these opportunities to compete against her and these are memories I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”

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