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Paul Ellering Compares Authors Of Pain To The Legion Of Doom

Paul Ellering compares The Authors of Pain to the Legion of Doom, or the Road Warriors.

The Authors of Pain had a successful first run in WWE but were released in 2020. The duo, along with Paul Ellering, made their return in January 2024. They joined Karrion Kross and Scarlett in The Final Testament.

Speaking with Bill Apter for Sportskeeda WrestleBinge, Paul Ellering was asked to comment on why he chose the Authors of Pain.

“To me, they were like clones of the LOD. Very intense, strong, great character, good people,” Ellering said.

Ellering was also asked to compare the Authors of Pain to the early days of the Legion of Doom. He highlighted AOP’s amateur backgrounds.

“I would say that they have more of an amateur background, which helps a lot,” Paul Ellering said. “They were both tremendous athletes. Akam was a national champion multiple times, and he was on the Olympic process. It was just a matter of going. Rezar, he’s fought over 100 sports combat fights.

When asked to name a dream match for AOP, Paul Ellering said, “We gotta get the belts. Then it’s everybody against us.”

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