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Shawn Spears On His Time In AEW: I Was Put In Positions That Allowed For Growth

Shawn Spears briefly reflects on his time in AEW.

Spears joined AEW in 2019, and he was in the company until he entered free agency on January 1, 2024. He then returned to WWE and joined NXT.

In a tweet, Spears answered a question from a fan who asked him what his favorite moment in AEW was. He stated that there were plenty, as he was fortunate enough to be put in positions that allowed for growth.

Spears is now a member of the NXT roster, and he works as a producer as well.

Shawn Spears On Returning To WWE

Speaking with Fightful‘s Sean Ross Sapp, Shawn Spears discussed his return to WWE.

“Once the opportunity came to come to NXT, I jumped all over it,” Shawn Spears said. “There’s gonna be people watching this right now that are saying, ‘Why wouldn’t you want to go to Raw? Why wouldn’t you want to go to to SmackDown?’ NXT is also killing it,” Shawn Spears said. “I have been here for a couple weeks now, and I have seen talent that has blown me away.

“What I love about that is that it takes me back to when I first started training, or it reminds me of my time here in the Performance Center, being in the spot that they’re in right now, knowing where they’re gonna have the opportunity to possibly go, the things that they’re gonna go through, I’m able to help guide in that sense too, with my time here at the Performance Center.”

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