noam dar
Photo Credit: WWE

Noam Dar Credits Shawn Michaels For Being ‘Extremely Impactful’ On His Career

Ever since signing with WWE, former NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion, Noam Dar has had a successful career. He is currently the leader of the NXT faction called Meta Four.

Recently, while speaking to Kenny McIntosh of Inside The Ropes, Noam Dar shared that NXT’s Head of Creative Shawn Michaels has played a key role in his wrestling career.

“Shawn has been extremely instrumental and impactful to my career and my whole trajectory within WWE, but again, specifically in NXT. He and I really connected around 2019 once I started doing a lot more of the UK stuff. From there, he’s helped me add a lot of texture, a lot of wrinkles, and a lot of detail to my game. For me personally, he’s showing me parts of myself that maybe I don’t know were there or showing me how to get certain things out of me and to not perceive myself in a certain box or a certain bracket.

“He’s always allowed me to grow in different lanes and put me in challenging scenarios which is very important. He challenges me as a professional and as a boss, and that challenge is also amplified by the fact that he’s one of the greatest ever to do it. So there’s of leverage and weight there. There’s also a lot of personal ambition on my side to like pay that back because he took that chance on me maybe where those chances weren’t being taken on me in 205, he saw something that he wanted to actualize, so that’s something that I will always be grateful for and will continue to move in that theme,” Noam Dar said.

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