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Cody Rhodes Gives Great Advice For Those Trying To Make It On Their Own

The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes has had a successful couple of years since returning to WWE at WrestleMania 38. Since his return, Rhodes has won the Royal Rumble twice, in back-to-back years. He also was the one to dethrone Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40. As a result, he ended the impressive 1316-day title reign of the Tribal Chief.

Recently, a fan took to Twitter to ask Cody Rhodes what the best advice Rhodes could give to someone who wants to make it on their own is. The American Nightmare mentioned that people need not listen to others but rather should bet on themselves.

“If somebody tells you that you ain’t it – look in the mirror and be honest If what you see is indeed IT, bet on yourself and roll the dice,” Cody Rhodes tweeted.

Cody Rhodes on the significance of his first successful title defense

The American Nightmare successfully defended his Undisputed WWE Championship for the first time at WWE Backlash against AJ Styles. Following the match, on the post-show press conference, Cody Rhodes reflected on how much this title defense meant to him.

“Everything was riding on this match. And when you have been doing it as long as I’ve been doing it, we have what I call the fever. You know, you think, ‘I accomplished the big one, I did it. I’ll be happy.’ It’s not a matter of not being happy or being happy, it’s just, you are never full. And I’m so glad you asked me that question. I might have told this story before, but I… A few weeks before WrestleMania I was at this restaurant called Victoria and Albert’s with my wife. I said, ‘You know…’ And I have been drinking.

“A few libations, had to… I said, ‘You know, if I could just win the WWE Championship right? If I could just hold it up in the same spot that my dad did and they don’t take it away from me. So that, I think I’d be happy. I think I’d be happy.’ And she looked at me and didn’t even blink. And just said, and excuse my language, ‘You’re full of sh*t.’ She said, ‘You’re gonna want to make it even bigger. You’re gonna want to make it even better.’ How can you get bigger and better than Roman Reigns, Mr. Heyman?” Cody Rhodes said.

Cody Rhodes is set to defend his championship against Logan Paul at the King and Queen of The Ring Premium Live Event this Saturday.

Are you looking forward to seeing Cody Rhodes take on Logan Paul?