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Ricardo Rodriguez Had Bret Hart’s Last Match On TV, Still Writing His Own Story

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Ricardo Rodriguez, who was asked if he had a past match that he was proud of. Rodriguez, now known as Jesus Rodriguez in MLW, called out a match that his opponent might not be too fond of.

Ricardo had Bret Hart’s last-ever match, as Hart teamed with John Cena to beat Rodriguez and Alberto Del Rio on the September 12, 2011 episode of WWE RAW.

“Oh! That’s a tough one. Obviously, I had… That’s a tough one. I mean, I was Bret Hart’s last match on TV. So, I’m sure he’s not proud of that,” Rodriguez quipped.

He then shared that he was really focused on his future, which included a six-man tag team match for MLW featuring Atlantis, Guerrero Maya Jr. & Rodriguez versus Felino, Villano III Jr. & Virus. Rodriguez believes his story is still being written.

“I can tell you though, while my story has not been finished being written,” Rodriguez explained. “This Trios match that we are going to be having at Azteca Lucha, that’s definitely going to be one of those that I’ll be very proud to share with people down the road. In a sold-out arena in Chicago. Man, that is awesome. And to be able to continue this record in 2024 of MLW being sold out consistently. That to me… That’s what my mind is set on.”


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