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Austin Theory: WWE Is At An All-Time High, We’ve Topped The Attitude Era

Austin Theory says WWE is at an all-time high.

WWE continues to break records in various ways, as WrestleMania 40 set new highs. The company continues to tour the world with their premium live events as well.

Speaking with Tim Battle on the Battleground Podcast, WWE Tag Team Champion Austin Theory was asked about how things have changed under Chief Content Officer Triple H.

“It’s really cool, man. With Triple H in charge, it’s been such an exciting time,” Ausitn Theory said. “It’s really cool to be able to go to live events and they’re all sold out. Premium live events, we’re not staying in the United States half the time.

“We do all these things, and all these shows are packed, and even when I’m just doing meet-and-greets and things now, in Australia, I did a meet-and-greet, and it was 300 people in the middle of the mall to see Austin Theory. WWE is just at an all-time high now.  You can’t deny it. I think we’re well over the Attitude Era, I think we’ve topped that. I think this era has just solidified a new world of professional wrestling.”

Austin Theory On Triple H

Austin Theory went on to praise Triple H and highlighted how he keeps pushing to take WWE forward.

“Triple H is the man,” Austin Theory said. “He’s always working, always coming up with these ideas, always just pushing us all forward and motivating us, and really, when you get to work, man, and you’re backstage, everybody just wants to be the best because we know we’re the best, and we have the bigger platform in the world to show that.

“We go out there and we do everything we can to show that. Everybody in the back is passionate, everybody has dreamed of this, everybody has wanted it. When you have somebody like Triple H sitting there in the pilot seat, flying the plane, and all you gotta do is do your job, man, there’s no stopping us in the WWE.”

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