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Austin Theory Responds To Praise From Randy Orton, Calls Out Conor McGregor

Austin Theory is appreciative of the compliments given to him by Randy Orton.

SmackDown Superstar Austin Theory was a recent guest on the Battleground Podcast. When asked about the recent praise from Randy Orton in an interview, Theory said he appreciates what Orton said and admits that he’s just speaking the truth.

“Well, I know a thing about killing legends myself, but it’s Randy Orton,” Austin Theory admitted. “I mean, what has Randy Orton not done in the WWE? A 14-time WWE Champion, a man with just a crazy resume, and somebody that everyone in the locker room well respects. And anytime you get words like that from Randy Orton, you better make sure you’re working, and you’re pushing yourself because he ain’t wrong about anything he said. He’s speaking the truth and it is on my end to hold up that end.

“And I have no doubts; I’m not worried at all. I appreciate what Randy said, and this is just where my mentality is. Coming down the road, if Randy’s there, I won’t have any sympathy, though. Because these Tag Team Championships I know he likes running around with Kevin Owens, and if they decide to come our way. Just remember Randy, what you said, remember all those things you said because you said you weren’t where you were when you were my age. So just remember that.”

Austin Theory vs. Connor McGregor in WWE?

When asked about Dana White’s recent comments about having no issues with UFC stars crossing over into WWE, Theory takes the opportunity to call out Connor McGregor.

“Wow, man…is it Connor McGregor? Is that who we want? Is that Is that who wants to step up to Austin Theory, the undefeated tag team champion? I mean, maybe Connor is so tough; maybe he just wants to fight both the Tag Team Champions, so maybe he has a handicap match because of his ego. Because me and Grayson Waller; we don’t have egos. We’re very set straight.

“We work hard. We’re champions. We show up to work only if we’re not busy. So Connor McGregor, maybe that’s the crossover, but really, any of the UFC guys. I mean, that’d be pretty cool to see. And watching those punches go from that to up on my shoulders into an A-Town Down. They’re not ready for that, but I’m down. I’m excited. Why not?”

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