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SCRYPTS Reveals Unused Mask Gimmick With Rey Mysterio

SCRYPTS had an idea for a mask gimmick with Rey Mysterio before he was moved to NXT.

The former WWE 24/7 Champion was released earlier this month, after a four-year run with the promotion. This included stints on the main roster and NXT, under different names.

SCRYPTS recently spoke with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, and spoke about his pitch to work with Rey Mysterio in WWE.

The former Reggie wanted to wear a mask. He planned for Rey Mysterio to give him a mask to calm his nerves, and to be so impressive with it on that he allowed him to keep it.

“Going back to NXT wasn’t my idea. Started to figure out what was I gonna do next. I presented myself, ‘I wanna wrestle in a mask.’ I’m a writer as well, so I write all my stories. I wrote the story of going under a mask but it wasn’t as a heel. It was gonna be something super cool, super almost basic and it was original talks with Rey Mysterio. I was gonna do something with him. Him and I discussed it. He was completely down.

“This is way before Judgment Day and all of these different things, but it was something to where I was gonna get attacked and him and Dom (Mysterio) came to my aid, set up a six-man and I’m nervous as heck, it’s like my first match. I’m with Rey Mysterio, Dominik, all of these different things and he was gonna give me a mask to try to calm my nerves. We win or whatever, I go to give it back but he said, you know what? You keep it, you deserve it. That was gonna be me in the mask. Flippy, flippy, fun, happy guy or whatever.

SCRYPTS Was Pitched The “Dark Poet” Gimmick Instead

SCRYPTS continued. The former NXT star noted how he still wanted to do the mask gimmick in NXT, but was shot down. Instead, he was pitched a “dark poet” gimmick, which eventually became the SCRYPTS character in NXT.

“That didn’t work, that didn’t happen. So I was told that I was gonna go back to NXT. I still wanted to do the mask stuff and I had a meeting with some people and just basically talked about who I was and my story and all of these different things, what I wanted to do. Very open, very great. First time dealing with NXT and I’m like, this is pretty amazing but I said I wanna do the mask and they asked what do I like to do?

“Talk about poetry and then someone said, ‘I have this idea for a dark poet. Would you be interested?’ I’m like, ‘Uh, sure.’ I don’t turn down anything. I’m very open and I’ll do my job. I am the performer — and I know that there is hierarchy to things or whatever. So, I do what I’m told, I’m gonna knock it out the park, just like I did the 24/7 stuff, the sommelier stuff or whatever.”