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Matt Jackson: I Had Fantasized About Dropping Tony Khan On His Head, That Felt Great

The Young Bucks discuss attacking Tony Khan.

On the April 24 episode of AEW Dynamite, The Elite took out Tony Khan with a vicious attack. The beat-down was punctuated with the Young Bucks dropping Khan with a Tony Khan Driver. The Young Bucks have been running AEW on-screen ever since.

Speaking with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, the Young Bucks discussed the attack. Matthew Jackson noted that it was a big moment, and he had fantasized about it for a long time.

“It felt dangerous and rebellious, and it broke our own rules that we set in the beginning,” Matt Jackson said. “And it was big. I was told it was a complete curtain sell-out, and the locker room gasped when it went down. Afterward, my phone lit up like a Christmas tree. It was probably the most feedback I’ve ever received for anything I’ve ever done, so I know it worked.

“It was personally great for me, because I had fantasized many times about dropping Tony Khan on his head ever since I met him. I can remember many times watching him talk during production meetings, and my mind would wander to beating the hell out of him, so you can imagine how great it felt to give Tony Khan a Tony Khan Driver.”

Nick Jackson then quipped that they already get blamed for any problems, so they might as well be in charge.

“We already take the heat and the blame for anything that ever goes wrong,” Nick Jackson said. “So we might as well be the ones running the show.”

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