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Photo Credit: @Dabryceisright / Twitter

John Silver & Anna Jay Make It On ‘Know Your Meme’

Know Your Meme wrote about John Silver and Anna Jay after recreating their famous meme.

Back in 2022, a screenshot from an episode of “Being The Elite” went viral. The clip featured John Silver, drunkenly ranting towards a bemused Anna Jay, who wanted absolutely zero part of the conversation. That photo was a recreation of the mansplaining/girlsplaining memes of the time, but the Silver/Anna photo took on a life of its own.

Social media users passed around one screenshot from the clip, being accompanied by different captions and used as a meme. This showed Silver seemingly explaining something to Jay, who looked wide-eyed away from her, seemingly trying to get the attention of somebody, showing them her distaste of the situation.

The pair recreated the famous photo last week. At Ruby Soho and Angelo Parker’s wedding, Bryce Remsburg posted a picture of the pair recreating the image two years on. This garnered thousands of likes, and drew the attention of “Know Your Meme”.

Know Your Meme Explained The ‘John Silver Explaining To Anna Jay” Meme

Know Your Meme reposted the image of John Silver and Anna Jay. They also featured the meme on their website, giving more popularity to the pair online.

On their site, they explained the history behind the viral image. Know Your Meme confirmed that the image came from episode 273 – “Catching Up” – of Being The Elite on YouTube.

They wrote: “In one sketch within the episode, wrestler John Silver pretends to be drunk and is talking to fellow wrestler Anna Jay, barraging her with personal stories, acting more unhinged as the sketch progresses. Jay is acting annoyed and unwilling to continue the conversation.”

They compared it to other memes. These include the “Milk Edingburgh” and “Bro Explaining” memes, which share similarities with John Silver and Anna Jay’s viral image.