wrestling revolver another friday musical

Wrestling Revolver Gets Musical For ‘Another Friday’ Event Recap

Wrestling Revolver went creative with their last event recap.

The company put on its latest event last week. REVOLVER Another Friday was broadcast live from Calumet Center At Montgomery County Fairgrounds on May 17th. 450 fans were in attendance for a show that featured stars like Mike Bailey, Alex Shelley and Jon Moxley.

The show saw a main event of Atticus Cougar defeating Alex Colon in a “Skewers and Staples Death Match”, which was the highlight of the show. However, Wrestling Revolver’s musical recap of the event is what is taking the internet by storm.

The company posted an original song recapping the event to Twitter. It featured original music and lyrics, breaking down all the matches and angles on the show. This included a run-in by Jon Moxley, and back-to-back matches for the members of Speedball Mountain.

?Watch & RT ? ? REVOLVER GOES MUSICAL ? This may be our best or stupidest idea ever. A full MUSICAL recap of results and moments! #RevolverFRIDAY 5.17.24 Dayton, OH”

Wrestling Revolver Musical Complete Lyrics

Here are the complete lyrics for the Wrestling Revolver musical recap for the REVOLVER Another Friday pay-per-view event.

“Myron Reed took down Speeball. With skills that can’t be denied. But then the black heart appeared bringing chaos to the fight. Alex Shelley triumphed over Trent Seven, Seven, Seven. With Rich Swann by his side, their victory shined like heaven.”

“Another Friday! Another night of action! The Wrestling Revolver bringing satisfaction! From upsets to surprised, the energy so high! Crowd chanting loud as the sparks start to fly! Crowd chanting loud as the sparks start to fly!

“Ethan Page made his return against the idiot Damian Chambers. While Ace Austin stunned Fulton in a sudden death scramble encounter. Jake Crist fell to Rich Swann. His wife leg got broken with pain.”

“Brent Oakley shocked R.E.D as the underdog claimed his reign. Crash Jaxon’s comeback for the victory so sweet. Jon Moxley made a statement attacking JT Dunn’s deceit. SGC got into a wild brawl before security intervened. Atticus Cougar’s brutal win with staples and skewers they were  clean.”