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The Renegade Twins: Billy Corgan And TNA Said We Were On The Right Path

The Renegade Twins have some big supporters in the wrestling industry.

Despite only debuting in 2020, Charlotte and Robyn Renegade have already started to make a splash in the wrestling world. They have competed in promotions like AEW, ROH and NWA, even becoming the NWA Women’s tag team Champions.

During this time, they have earned some big supporters in the industry. The pair recently spoke with Women’s Wrestling Talk. They were asked about who in the industry had complimented them so far.

Charlotte and Robyn Renegade name-dropped Billy Corgan in NWA and people in TNA as ones who have given them praise. The Renegade Twins also noted Cody Rhodes has recommended them to promotions, after impressing in AEW and ROH.

“A year ago, Billy Corgan told us when we won his titles at NWA that he thought we were going down a good path, that we were marketable, and that we should keep doing what we were doing. I can also say that Impact, now TNA, really enjoyed what we were doing a year and a half to two years ago. They said we were on the right track with what we were doing. With our characters, and how we wrestled.

“A lot of older wrestlers, like Glacier—who is our coach but also went out of his way to let us know—have been supportive. Cody Rhodes told us he gave us our name to Ernest Miller. Others have reached out to us over the years. They said, ‘Hey, you guys are really going out of your way to do something cool, and I think you should keep it up.’ People like Ricardo Rodriguez and Chris Marvel have also touched our careers, telling us we’re doing a very good job.

“Most of these people have had a hand in our careers. Whether we’ve spent time with them in the ring, listened to them, or asked questions to understand their mindset. We’ve tried very hard to learn from them and apply it to our careers.”

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