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Matt Cardona Lands Role In Western ‘Down The Long River’

Matt Cardona has already conquered indie wrestling, and now wants to take on the world of indie movies.

The Death Match King has become a huge independent wrestling star since his 2020 WWE release. After a disappointing run in AEW, he won titles in GCW and NWA, helping earn him the moniker of “King of the Indies”.

His success has drawn the attention of director Harry Kolmer. The writer and actor will make his directorial debut with the spaghetti western Down the Long River, and has cast Matt Cardona in a significant role in the film.

Matt Cardona posted the movie’s poster on Twitter, announcing his involvement in the film. It is the former WWE star’s film debut. The production said Cardona’s involvement “brings a unique charisma and dedicated fanbase to our film”.

The film is being funded via Indiegogo. They are looking for $30,000 of crowdfunding to create the film, in order to revive the Spaghetti Western genre.

The Indigogo campaign to fund the film describes the plot of the film as:

“In the aftermath of the Civil War, a former Army surgeon, a notorious gang, and a duplicitous Pinkerton agent cross paths in a forgotten river town. With revenge and a fortune in gold at stake, the town is caught in the crossfire.”

Down the Long River has so far amassed $3074 dollars from 84 backers. It has a long way to go before reaching its target, with just 29 days left to do so.

Matt Cardona Wants One More NWA World Heavyweight Title Run

Matt Cardona was forced to vacate the NWA World Heavyweight Champion in 2022 due to injury. He was not satisfied with his reign, and during a recent interview with the Battleground Podcast revealed that he wants another run with the historic belt.

I would definitely love to sink my teeth into that title one more time, to bring that title all over the world one more time,” Cardona continued. “When I was the champion, I brought it places. I brought it on my goddamn honeymoon. That’s how proud I was to be the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion. To give that title up due to injury, it sucked. I can b*tch and moan all day about how I never truly lost it, but EC3, the current champion, did beat me. But I wasn’t the champion when he beat me. So I would like to have one last match with EC3 just to see who is the better man.”