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Swerve Strickland: AEW Is Where The Best Wrestle, We’re Also The Best At Entertaining

AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland says AEW has the best in-ring product, and they’re also the best at entertaining.

Speaking on Unlikely with Adrian Hernandez, Swerve Strickland was asked to comment on what AEW being “where the best wrestle” meant to him.

“To me, it’s the passion of what we bring in the ring. Literally, there’s no other place like that,” Swerve Strickland said. “It’s all gathered from all over the world, to come here to All Elite Wrestling, to exclusively sign with us, to truly believe in a product that, not just myself, not just all the Americans, the West Coast, the East Coast, no, everybody, the UK, Canada, Mexico, Japan. Everybody is all in sync at the same time right now.

“You don’t get this in-ring product anywhere else in the world. There’s great in-ring product everywhere, but truly to see the absolute best, you have to watch All Elite Wrestling. If truly put, not just entertainment and wrestling under two different things, I feel like we deliver all of it.”

Swerve Strickland: AEW Is The Best At Entertaining

Swerve Strickland then used the May 22 episode of AEW Dynamite as an example to state that AEW was the best at entertaining as well.

“If you watched [Dynamite this week], we gave you a hell of a go-home show,” Swerve Strickland said. “I’m chasing Christian throughout the backstage of the arena. Prince Nana making his return. Blood falling from the sky on Malakai Black. Darby Allin with a freaking flamethrower. You got a whole helping of a lot. That’s why I’m saying like, [where] the best wrestle, but we’re also the best at entertaining.” 

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