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Mercedes Moné: There Should Be No Competition Between Companies, It Needs To Be Between The Wrestlers

Mercedes Moné dismisses the idea of competition between wrestling companies. She says it should just be between the wrestlers.

Mercedes Moné previously had a successful run in WWE as Sasha Banks, and she was one of the company’s top stars. She left WWE in 2022 and officially arrived in AEW in March 2024. She will return to the ring for the first time since May 2023 at AEW Double or Nothing. There, she will challenge for the TBS Championship.

Speaking with Daniel Trainor of US Weekly, Mercedes Moné noted that she’s not worried about what’s going on with other companies.

“I feel like there should be no competition when it’s between companies,” Moné said. “It just needs to be competition between the wrestlers, seeing who wants to be the main event of the show, to make the most money. I’m competing with everybody here in AEW to let them know I’m the face of the company. I’m not competing with any other company.”

Mercedes Moné On People Complaining On The Internet

Mercedes Moné went on to note that a lot of the competition stems from people complaining on the Internet.

“A lot of things just trail from the Internet,” she said. “People are just so in their phones. Going on the Internet and bragging and complaining and they’re not actually living in the real world. When they come out into the real world and they actually go to wrestling shows and enjoy things with wrestling fans, they know that this is all just so much fun.”

People just like to drag things and be mean on the Internet just to be mean on the Internet. When they come to these shows, it’s a whole different feeling.”

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