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Will Ospreay Believes Some People Took His Response To Triple H Too Personally

Will Ospreay admits that it hurt to hear the comments Triple H made about him during WrestleMania XL weekend.

All Elite Wrestling’s Will Ospreay recently sat down with Adrian Hernandez. When asked about Triple H’s comments about him running away from the grind and his response a week later on Dynamite, Ospreay said everyone sent it to him saying it was about him, but he’s over it now, despite everyone taking his response so personally.

“Nah, man. Look, It is what it is. Everyone sent it to me. People within the company were saying, ‘Yeah, that was a bag at you.’ So it’s just like, you know what I mean? I’m over it now. I said my bit. And the thing is, my thing was funny. Everyone I feel everyone took it way too personal. All these old f*cks that have a podcast and think they know everything. I couldn’t give a f*ck about these guys, man. As soon as it was said, I fired back, and it should just be done.

“At the end of it, no harm done. And the thing is, I f*cking like Triple H. It was a little bit hard hearing that shit. I was nothing but respectful in all the f*cking talks, man. I have my own mission, I have my own objectives, I have my own goals. Just because it doesn’t fit with your things, it doesn’t mean people should be firing shots my way. I come from a generation where if you fire one at me, I fire one back.”

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What do you make of Will Ospreay’s overall comments? Do you think the entire situation was just basically blown out of proportion? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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