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MJF Returns At AEW Double Or Nothing, Addresses Contract Status: ‘I’m Not F*ckin’ Leaving’

MJF is back, and he’s not going anywhere!

MJF made his long-awaited return to AEW, finally getting payback against Adam Cole.

Cole came to the ring and ripped the crowd, telling everyone he should be home resting up. Cole promised that he would get back to being the best wrestler of his generation when he was 100% healed… and then the lights went out.

A video played showing a first-person view camera walking down a hallway, then they went into a room full of MJF’s trophies. He put on his Dynamite Diamond ring and a scarf, then MJF’s music hit in the arena and he entered the ramp wearing a denim vest over a leather jacket ala Triple H.

MJF initially hugged Cole, then hit him below the belt and cut a promo about never trusting anyone anymore. MJF said he’s getting back to what he does best — hate. When you’re driven by hate like him, nobody is safe.

MJF then picked up the Devil’s mask and said masks are for cowards, and he’s done pretending and hiding. MJF said the mask and anyone that represents it can go to hell, then he elbow dropped it (Ric Flair style) and whipped it into the crowd. He then addressed his contract status and said if it’s not painfully obvious… cameraman, zoom!

MJF revealed a “best on yourself” and AEW poker chip tattoo, then referred to himself as “The Wolf of AEW” because “I’m not fuckin’ leaving!”

This marks MJF’s first appearance on AEW programming since AEW Worlds End in December 2023.

Anarchy In The Arena

WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard spoke with Darby Allin ahead of AEW Double Or Nothing. Allin has been sidelined with a broken foot and got hit by a bus last month.

Allin told WrestleZone that he stepped in when he found out about Eddie Kingston’s injury, which he learned during a cross-country road trip.

“We started in Seattle, and we’re driving across the country. My dad [was able to] retire with the money that I can make from AEW. So I was like, ‘Hey, we’re going to do a cross-country road trip.’ I’m going to move him down to Georgia. We’re in Montana, which is like 12 hours away from Seattle. Then I find out that Eddie Kingston can’t wrestle at Anarchy in the Arena because of the injury that he had at New Japan. Then I instantly pull over. I was like, ‘I’ve got to reach out to Tony Khan and just see if there’s a possibility of me being in this match.’”

Back to Seattle

Allin still had to try to get cleared, but he decided to return to Washington for Dynamite in Everett. Allin was trying to get cleared as he made the trip back home and finally got the nod right before the show.

“I said I will do anything to see if I can get cleared. But right then and there, I just start driving back to Seattle because Dynamite was happening that Wednesday. So I do a 12 hour drive to Seattle. [I’m] so tired, trying to get clearance as I’m heading there,” Allin explained. “Literally, I’m in a boot, a walking boot, as I’m driving still. Me taking the walking boot off as soon as I get to the building was the first time I’d taken the boot off since the injury. I put my foot in a shoe for the first time and it was like, ‘Whoa! Alright, let’s see what happens.’ And I literally got clearance right before that Dynamite.”

Check out our full interview with Darby Allin below: