AEW Double or Nothing Swerve Strickland Christian Cage
Photo Credit: AEW

AEW Double Or Nothing: Swerve Strickland vs. Christian Cage Result

Swerve Strickland defended the AEW World Championship against Christian Cage at AEW Double or Nothing.

At AEW Double or Nothing, Swerve Strickland put the world title on the line against Christian Cage. The match marked Strickland’s first pay-per-view defense of the title. Cage had plenty of help throughout the match, as Nick Wayne, Killswitch, and Mother Wayne interfered. Though the odds were stacked against him, Strickland scored the win with the Swerve Stomp and the House Call.

Here’s how the match broke down at AEW Double or Nothing:

Swerve suplexes Cage onto the floor. Strickland and Cage battle on the apron. Strickland goes or a tackle but crashes face-first onto the steps. Nick Wayne runs in and drops Strickland with a cutter on the floor. Cage hits the Killswitch for a two-count. Cage slaps Strickland and goes for the Killswitch on the broadcast table. Swerve counters with the Swerve Stomp onto the table. Back in the ring, Strickland counters the Killswitch. Cage snaps his neck on the ropes. Swerve catches Cage with the House Call and hits the Swerve Stomp. He hits another Swerve Stomp for the win.

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