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Liv Morgan: Being Killed By Chucky Was A Dream Come True

Liv Morgan said getting murdered by Chucky was a “pipe dream come true.”

While that sounds like she’s talking nonsense, it is, in fact, true. The new Women’s World Champion appeared in the second season of the Chucky TV series, based on the iconic film character of the same name.

During an episode of the SyFy/USA Network show, Liv Morgan appeared alongside the titular puppet. Her appearance ended in Chucky stabbing her repeatedly in the stomach while repeating the word “fuck.”

Liv Morgan spoke with Chris Van Vliet about her appearance on the show. She shared that she loves Chucky and had WWE reach out to the creator to get her a role on the show.

“A Pipe Dream Come True”

“I never thought, ever in my life, that I would get to be on the Chucky series and get murdered by Chucky so gruesomely. It was such a pipe dream come true, something that I genuinely did not think could ever conceivably happen. And it was so graphic, I didn’t even think we’d allow it to happen.”

“I grew up just loving Chucky. Like I loved wrestling, I love Chucky, and so I saw that they were working on a series and asked WWE, ‘Do you think we can reach out and see if there’s any kind of way that I can be involved, even if it’s just like being on set and just watching?’ WWE reached out to Don Mancini, the creator of Chucky, and I had a Zoom call with him that week. He wrote me into the show, and it was just as easy as that. I had such a great experience; they treated me like family. It was cool. I love Chucky. We have a great relationship despite the murder.”

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