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Joe Hendry: AJ Francis Is Super Underrated, He Understands More Than Fans Will Give Him Credit For

Joe Hendry thinks very highly of AJ Francis and Rich Swann.

The duo, known as “First Class” in TNA, have been embroiled in a feud with Joe Hendry for a number of months. This has led to matches, beat downs, and even parody songs being written about Francis by Hendry.

This included a hilarious parody of Creed’s “Higher” on a recent episode of TNA Impact.

This has not been easy for Hendry. The Scot spoke with Scott Mitchell of PWInsider recently, and spoke about working with the pair. Hendry said it was not easy to be as consistently good as he has been, creating songs and vignettes to keep the rivalry going.

He also called Rich Swann a “world-class wrestler”.

“I’ve now realized with experience, that before you get creative freedom in what you do, you have to build equity with the fans and management. It’s about consistency. When they book a Joe Hendry, they know exactly what they’re going to get. I had to display consistency when it came to entertainment over a long period.

“I think that’s why I was ready to have this feud with AJ Francis and Rich Swann. It was not easy coming up with all of those videos. It was a lot of work between filming, editing, and things like that. It’s a grind, but it was worth every second. Rich is a former World Champion and another world-class wrestler.”

Joe Hendry: AJ Francis Is “Super Underrated”

Joe Hendry continued. The wrestling musician went on to call AJ Francis “super underrated”, and thinks fans don’t give him enough credit.

However, he did reiterate how funny Francis falling over on TV was. No matter how good Joe Hendry thinks AJ Francis is, he will always make fun of him for that moment.

“AJ, he’s super underrated. He understands TV wrestling more than the fans will give him credit for, but that doesn’t take away that he fell over and I need to make fun of him for it, you know? He’s talented in what he does, and having him to bounce off of on TV, this was never meant to be a long-term thing, but it just gained traction, so we just kept going.”