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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Joe Hendry: Brian Myers And The System Are ‘Instrumental’ To My Success In TNA

Joe Hendry credits Brian Myers and the system as the reason for his success in TNA.

The Scot has wrestled the former WWE star and his teammates multiple times over the years. Hendry won his first title in TNA in 2022, beating Myers to become the Digital Media Champion. He has gone on to wrestle other members of The System, including current TNA World Champion Moose.

In an interview with Scott Mitchell of PWInsider, Joe Hendry heaped praise on The System. He noted that the group have been “instrumental” to his success in TNA, naming Brian Myers as one member specifically who has helped him.

The Scottish singing wrestler called Myers “world-class”, before bestowing the honor on the rest of the group.

“So, I’ve always said this. When you look at what I’m doing right now and the success I’m having, it takes an army of people to get you there. It takes an army of people to help you develop anything you need to. I don’t want to leave anyone out. But the guys I worked with the most since I came back, is The System. Those guys have been instrumental to my success as a professional wrestler, specifically Brian Myers.”

“I’ve probably wrestled Brian Myers more than anyone else in the company. The guy is world-class. That’s who they all are, just world-class. Even by just being in the ring with them, you can’t help but get better.”

Joe Hendry Says Brian Myers Is ‘World Class’

Joe Hendry continued. He spoke about how far he has come since winning the Impact Digital Media Championship, and how much of a gamble it was coming to the US to try to make it in TNA.

“Genuinely, I felt like my life was a simulation when I won it. I couldn’t believe it. From where I was six months earlier, I had to make the difficult decision of sinking all the money I had saved up into getting my Visa to take the chance to come over here and TRY to get a deal.”

“That was the biggest gamble financially and in terms of energy that I can recall taking. It paid off in spades. But, I look back to that time and see how tough it was, but it was never a question. I had friends tell me not to do it and I’m crazy, but it paid off. I’m glad I showed enough belief in myself to double down and do it.”