AEW Double or Nothing Will Ospreay
Photo Credit: AEW

Will Ospreay Reflects On AEW International Title Win, Declares It’s The ‘Billy Goat Title’

Last night was the AEW Double or Nothing pay-per-view. The opening match of the night was a fight between the Aerial Assassin Will Ospreay and Roderick Strong for the AEW International Championship. Both stars gave everything they had. Strong seemed to have the upper hand a little bit. But once his faction members were ejected from the arena, he fumbled. Will Ospreay then capitalized to become the new AEW International Champion.

Backstage, the Aerial Assassin shared his thoughts on the match. He appreciated Roderick Strong but also called him a coward. Ospreay also claimed that he is now bonded with the title.

“This is uh… This is a big day for me. Leaving Japan and my home country in England and coming here to AEW. And during all these flights, and all this suffering, and hearing everybody talk about my work rate and my graft… This means a lot to me. And to hold a belt just as prestigious as the International Championship. The men that have held the championship before me were all workhorses. Whether it is PAC, Orange Cassidy, Jon Moxley, Fenix, or the man himself, the wrestling legend, Roderick Strong. A legend you are my friend.

“And you are also a coward hiding behind Wardlow, Matt Taven, and Mike Bennett when you know full well that you can do this on your own. And I hope that you learn that the moment those men got kicked from the building, you fought with tooth and nail. But I had just more in me. Because this is the mistake you made, Roderick Strong. The moment that you carved this belt into my skull, the moment you made me bleed my blood on this belt, I am now bonded with this championship.”

Will Ospreay renames the AEW International Championship to the Billy Goat title

The Aerial Assassin also claimed that his new belt should be referred to as The Billy Goat title.

“This championship may be the International Championship to a lot of people, but this is the Billy Goat Title from now on. And allow me to tell you all, just because I hold this treasure, just because I hold this championship, doesn’t mean that I am done. I’m a man that hunts for more gold. A man that voyages to other places to collect championships anywhere and everywhere. And the code that this championship was forged and made on the day of Forbidden Door. Well, lucky has it, Forbidden Door is right around the corner. Let me tell you guys, I am the Forbidden Door.

“This championship does not have any inclusion to AEW. We have working relationships with New Japan Pro Wrestling, we have working relationships with CMLL, STARDOM, unfortunately, I don’t think I can wrestle the STARDOM girls right? But we allow our talent to wrestle at Revolution Pro, DDT, and all around the world. So, the door is open. But not politely. Because I am the key holder to that door. And I would love to show everyone how easy it is for the International Billy Goat to hold the door open… The door closed with one hand and to carry the world in the other. Mark my words, this ain’t the end. Cuz, I am Will Ospreay, on another level,” Will Ospreay said.

What were your thoughts on Ospreay becoming the new AEW International Champion?