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Swerve Strickland Wants MJF To Prove Himself To Earn A Title Match: You Have Work To Do

Last night at the AEW Double or Nothing pay-per-view, MJF made a shocking return to the promotion. He showed up and took out Adam Cole. Swerve Strickland sent a message to MJF.

During the post-show press conference, the AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland mentioned that MJF needs to prove himself before earning a shot at his title.

“It’s a possibility. And that’s the beauty of this whole company. Everything’s possible. I know he probably has some unfinished business with what Undisputed Kingdom did to him and Adam Cole. He probably would want to finish up some things. But… This goes to show you, I’m not one of the ones that you could just walk over and come at any place, anytime, anywhere when you see fit. While you were gone, I was building. And while I was building, I was making this place a fortress. So you can come in. But, I’m not even saying like, you can’t even challenge for the World Championship but you got work to do, just like I had work to do. You have work to do.

“Show me something. Cuz, this ain’t the same All Elite Wrestling from when you left at World’s End. Just in that three month span, from World’s End even till like Dynasty, this company made a major different shift in a lot of different ways in front of your eyes. And you all are seeing it. You all are talking about it every single week. The fact that I get to sit up here… Just me sitting up here with Tony Khan and Hiroshi Tanahashi, a legend himself. That goes to show you the shift. Now it’s up for Maxwell Jacob to figure out where he fits in this right now. Cuz I’m not going to make it easy,” Swerve Strickland said.

Would you like to see MJF challenge Strickland?