Tony Khan AEW Double or Nothing
Photo Credit: AEW

Tony Khan Didn’t Expect To Get Dragged In, But Anarchy In The Arena Delivered

The main event of the Five-year Anniversary of AEW Double or Nothing was the Anarchy in the Arena match. The match as always was chaos. This time around, the president of the company, Tony Khan also got involved in the match.

During the post-show media scrum, Tony Khan shared his thoughts on the match. While he loved the match as a whole he was not happy that The Elite picked up the win.

“Anarchy in the Arena was insane. Didn’t expect to get dragged into it. But it was a wild night. And not the result AEW wanted. And definitely I am very grateful to the wrestlers that stood up for AEW and for the fans being here for our five-year Anniversary. The Elite are a big part of five-years of AEW. And it really is a shame philosophically. We are so far apart that they would do the things they’ve done. They have a contract I can’t get out of, they have really pushed us, pushed me personally, pushed AEW really far. But they also were involved in one of the wildest, craziest matches I’ve ever seen.

“They were involved in it last year too. And this was different, this was wilder, and I think all three Anarchy in the Arena matches have really delivered for the fans. It was different doing it here at the MGM Grand.”

Tony Khan is happy to have had the Anarchy in the Arena match inside the MGM Grand

Tony Khan also appreciated the MGM Grand Arena.

“MGM Grand, I will say, I’ll let everybody inside. I think the MGM Grand’s a little bit chiller than T-Mobile. Very chill people here at the MGM Grand and this was a great place to do the Anarchy in the Arena. I think we scared the heck out of the people at T-Mobile a couple of times now. So this was a lot of fun. MGM Grand, they see crazy s*** here all the time. They were tremendous. But I don’t think they’ve ever seen anything like this here. This was the first Anarchy in the Arena ever at MGM Grand. And it was a great venue, it was a great night. Not the result i was hoping for. But definitely a great pay-per-view. And a crazy, crazy way to end the night, Anarchy in the Arena, despite the Elite going up in the end,” Tony Khan said.    

Did you enjoy the Anarchy in the Arena match?