WWE NXT Stand & Deliver Giulia
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Giulia Undergoes Successful Surgery For Wrist Injury

Giulia will undergo surgery on the 28th upon sustaining a distal radius fracture in the main event of Marigold Fields Forever. She broke the news to Tokyo Sports that the severity of the injury required emergency surgery prior to her return to in-ring action.

Giulia sustained the injury about five minutes into the main event tag match. There, she teamed with Utami Hayashishita against Sareee and Bozilla. Despite injuring her wrist early on, she managed to compete for the full 28 minutes of the match.

She then revealed that a hospital in Tokyo admitted her the following week on the 27th. Doctors informed Giulia that the speediest recovery route required surgery. With her upcoming singles match against Sareee for Marigold Summer Destiny, Giulia agreed to undergo surgery.

“That day, my arm was bent in the wrong direction, and as a result, I broke it. I was told that having surgery would be the quickest way to recover, and I made the decision because I wanted to be in top condition to play against Sareee,” she says.

Giulia added that this was the first time she had been hospitalized and required surgery. Regardless, she expressed determination to come back to the ring as soon as possible. She says, “Right now, I’m not too worried. I’ll be away from home for three nights and four days, so it’s like going on a trip to the countryside. I won’t be able to move around, so I’ll spend my time watching movies for the first time in a while and watching various wrestling videos.”

Giulia undergoes successful injury

Marigold announced that Giulia’s surgery was a success. She will be discharged from the hospital this Thursday, May 30th. She also has the go signal to attend Marigold’s events starting in June.