Photo Credit: Sareee (via Twitter @Sareee_official)

Sareee Vows To Be The Savior And Ace Of Marigold

Despite being a freelance competitor, Sareee declared herself the savior and ace of Dream Star Fighting Marigold.

Though Marigold saw major success with their debut show Fields Forever, they are already facing a major obstacle. One of their top talents, Giulia, sustained a wrist injury at the said event that requires emergency surgery. While on the road to recovery, Marigold needed to pull her off their upcoming shows leading to Summer Destiny in July.

In light of Giulia’s absence, Sareee stepped up saying that she will save the newly established promotion in an interview with Tokyo Sports.

Sareee wished for Giulia’s speediest recovery stating that she wants to face her at a hundred percent. “It’s amazing that you [Giulia] were able to play even with a broken wrist. I didn’t even notice. Now all you can do is let it heal fully. There’s no point in facing a weak competitor like Giulia at Ryōgoku. I want to wrestle in top condition, so all I can say is I’ll be waiting,” she says. Sareee will face Giulia at the upcoming Marigold Summer Destiny show in July.

Sareee is currently the Beyond The Sea Singles Champion at SEAdLINNNG. Though not exclusively signed, she promises to lead Marigold from here on out. She believes that her victory over Giulia and Utami Hayashishita earned her the right to do so. Sareee adds that “It’s hard to have an ace just after the group started. I beat the top two in the inaugural match, so I’ll be the ace. I’ll make Giulia regret it.”

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