Stephen Amell
Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images

HEELS Is Coming To Netflix On July 29th

Wrestling drama Heels is set to debut on Netflix on July 29th this year.

The show stars Stephen Amell as “Jack Spade”, the main character of the show. Various wrestlers also appear in the show, including former WWE Champion CM Punk and his wife AJ Lee.

Despite being well received by fans, the show was cancelled at the end of season two by STARZ. This left a number of story threads open-ended, leaving fans without a resolution to the character’s stories in Heels.

Luckily, Netflix swooped in at the eleventh hour and signed a deal to show the TV program on their streaming service. Last month, they acquired the rights to air season one and two of Heels, although the company have not commissioned a third season of the show.

Netflix had not confirmed when Heels would be available to view on their platform. Luckily, PWInsider reported that both seasons of Heels would be available to stream on Monday July 29th this year.

Mike O’Malley Wants To Make More Heels

After the show was cancelled last year, Heels showrunner Mike O’Malley did not give up hope.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner O’Malley revealed that they were looking for a new network to continue the show. He also confirmed that the cast were still under contract. They shouldn’t have too much issue if a network wanted to greenlight a season three.

“Yeah, we are actively doing it right now. Some of the actors are still under contract. Obviously, the [writers’] strike just ended. I couldn’t have any conversations about this [until now], and granted, they just told me on Friday. But not only are we trying to [find a new network], I really believe the Starz executives when they say they want to see a future for the show too, because they did invest a lot in the show… I really do think it’s going to have a life someplace else.”