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Photo Credit: AEW

Adam Copeland Fractured His Tibia At AEW Double Or Nothing, Will Require Surgery

Adam Copeland is out, but focusing on the positives in his life.

Copeland successfully defended his TNT Championship against Malakai Black at AEW Double Or Nothing on Sunday night. During the match, Copeland attempted an elbow drop off the top of the steel cage, but landed awkwardly on his feet as he also hit Black on a table.

Fans feared Copeland injured himself on the leap, and Copeland confirmed he suffered a fractured tibia on Twitter on Tuesday morning.

“Double Or Nothing, [I] flew back yesterday. Malakai Black is an animal. All of the House of Black, they are just really damn good. And as you’re about to find out in this video,” Copeland began, I guess the House always does win because I gained two new friends. [shows his crutches]

“I don’t really like them,” he continued. “They are kind of like those buddies that just annoy you, but they are always there. Maybe I will name them Brody and Buddy or something. [laughs]”

See you soon-ish

Adam Copeland then shared how he fractured his tibia, a result of his brain forgetting “what my body always seems to remember.” He said surgery will be required, which will be likely scheduled sometime next week.

“Anyway, yeah… I’ve been feeling really good lately, I’ve been having so much fun in the ring and I got cocky, I guess is what it really boils down to. I’m a narcissist and egomaniac and I’ll unpack that one day, but my brain forgets what my body always seems to remember a little late, is that I’m 50. I need to make better choices, so my body pulled the emergency brake on me the other night,” Copeland said. “I ended up fracturing my tibia, which is going to require surgery. I don’t know the timeframe on that yet.

“Ruby’s birthday is Friday and I really want to enjoy that and focus on all the positives I have in my life, because there’s way more of that than the bad. And even this, surgery, I know what I’ve got to do,” Copeland continued. “I will find out the timeframe kinda next week and everything… yeah. Sorry, I don’t really know what I am going to say and I’m still half asleep [laughs]. So pardon the appearance, but anyway, I will see you soon-ish. And in the meantime, everybody be good and try and be happy. See ya.”