shazza mckenzie
Photo Credit: TNA via YouTube

Shazza McKenzie Calls TNA Debut Special, A Huge Motivating Factor For Moving To The US

Shazza McKenzie achieved her goal of wrestling for TNA.

The Australian wrestler made her debut with the company last week. She teamed with Jade Stone on TNA Xplosion against Alisha Edwards and Masha Slamovich, before battling Giselle Shaw the next night at an Impact taping.

She moved to the US full-time in March 2023, and has wrestled all over the country since then. Shazza McKenzie even wrestled for AEW back in 2019, appearing in the Casino Battle Royal at All Out 2019.

Shazza McKenzie took to Twitter before her debut match in TNA. She wrote a heartfelt post, revealing that her main goal after moving to the US was to join TNA Wrestling.

The Australian called her match on Xplosion “special”, revealing she achieved a dream she never thought she could accomplish.

“If you’d listened to any interview I’d done since moving to USA last year you’d know that TNA was the main goal whilst living here. I was approached for extras work by IMPACT during my 2019 3 month USA tour but they couldn’t use me due to the lack of the correct work visa.”

“I thought that would be my one and only chance to tick this one off. It was a huge motivating factor on WHY I spent the thousands upon thousands of dollars I did to get this visa and to completely start over my life in my mid-30s.”

“So this one is special, this is for the 15 year old girl who used to write role plays on efeds pretending she was Traci Brooks and never in her life thought she’d be in a ring with this 3 letters on it. Xplosion hit YT later today -> make sure you go check out me CROSSING THE LINE #HEARTBREAKcore

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