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Natalya Says Match Against Charlotte Flair Was Magic, One I’ll Never Forget

Natalya has achieved a lot throughout her two-decade-long career in WWE. Natalya is a former WWE Divas Champion, a former SmackDown Women’s Champion, and has also held the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Recently, the Queen of Harts shared that her match against WWE Women’s Grandslam Champion Charlotte Flair was one of her favorites and it was always magic.

Natalya holds the record for the most matches wrestled by a female wrestler in WWE. The former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion holds multiple Guinness World Records in professional wrestling. She has wrestled multiple legends and future WWE Hall of Famers in her career.

Nattie recently took to Twitter to share that out of all the talent she has competed against, her matches with Charlotte Flair was always magic. She also praised Flair too and stated that she’d never forget their matches.

“When the smoke of the Women’s Evolution is cleared, I hope the names remembered will be many, and the moments mentioned will include this match. I’ve wrestled over 60 different women, and I hold the record for most female matches in WWE, but this match and this opponent was magic. One I’ll never forget,” Natalya tweeted.

Charlotte Flair is currently sidelined due to an injury.

“I’ll never not be proud of that match”

Natalya shared a similar sentiment during a recent interview with WrestleZone. She called her TakeOver match with Charlotte a shining moment in her career and a huge opportunity.

“I love the match that I had with Charlotte Flair in NXT in 2014, at the Takeover. I watched that match, and it was when Charlotte was just getting started in WWE and it was her first big moment,” Natalya explained. “I’m so proud of that match because I was able to bring something special out of myself that I wasn’t able to show before. When I started in WWE, we were fighting for everything. Scratching, clawing, fighting tooth and nail to have anything.

“Triple H gave me the opportunity to have a match that was 20 minutes long. I’d never had that before, I never had the chance to do that,” she continued. “And then to be able to pull something out of Charlotte that she didn’t know she had inside her and to help her discover what an incredible performer she would become, it’s one of my shining moments in my career, and I’ll never not be proud of that match.”

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