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Jey Uso Is Very Proud of Carrying His Family’s Lineage

The Bloodline is one of the most successful factions in all of professional wrestling. The family tree of the Bloodline comprises of several WWE Hall of Famers and legends including Rocky Maiavia, The Rock, Rikishi, and many more. One of the members of the family and a core piece of the faction’s success is Main Event Jey Uso.

Recently, while speaking on the Busted Open podcast, Jey Uso claimed his family is the first family of professional wrestling.

“Oh yes, sir. I still… I’m a fan of my own family. Like you said, seeing it on paper, it hits different Uce. Like, I don’t… Like man… What?!… It’s crazy to me that I’m a part of this Dynasty. And I would like to think… There’s so many great like… Cody’s family, the Harts, man… There’s so many good… Great families. But I really believe in my heart Uce, 100%, we are the first family of Professional Wrestling.”

Uso also mentioned that he no longer has the weight of his family’s lineage on his shoulders but rather is proud of carrying it.

“Man, it used to be a weight. Now, I’m comfortable and excited, and happy to carry the lineage forward now. Because, now I know who I am, the brothers know who they are, it was just hard to just try to make your own footprint in a sand of so many huge Superstars Uce, if that makes sense. It was very intimidating at first. ‘I don’t know if I could do this wrestling… I mean, look at these big shoes I have to fill.’ Right? Now, we are flowing now and we are picking. We’re just carrying with us Uce. And I’m very proud of that,” Jey Uso said. 

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