Alicia Fox
Photo Credit: WWE

Alicia Fox Would Love To Tag Against Molly Holly

Recently, former WWE Divas Champion Alicia Fox returned to professional wrestling. She wrestled former WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James. While speaking to MuscleMan Malcolm, Alicia Fox shared that she would be interested in wrestling several women from the Divas era. One of them was WWE Hall of Famer Molly Holly.

“Yeah so like, kind of like the pre… The Pre-Diva Ero or like… A little bit of everybody… You know who I’d love to have a nice little run with is Christy Hemi. Because like, I was a huge fan of her when I got to developmental. I also watched the women. I loved watching Layla, I loved watching Eve [Torres]. This is before I made in-ring presence too. But I think even further, I would love to see how… I think it would be nice to tag against Molly Holly. Because I think she’s got like a little sass. Or Ivory, I love. Like all these women, that you know, just like there’s just so many… Beth [Phoenix]. Beth was my first OVW…

“Well, actually, it was Maryse. Maryse and I did a little run around at a house show. And that was like, ‘Really, we can do this.’ You know, double-ducks and cartwheels later. We are just like, ‘Oh this is great.’ You know. But it was that what taught us to be women in the business. Or the fact that we can seem to be you know… Because we saw her get her contract and do these things that looked very… You know, she’s Capital Topnotch Diva. And it’s like, it were just really, she taught us how to be women. So it just was kind of a thing that we experience together in that locker room,” Alicia Fox said.

Would you like to see Fox wrestle Holly?