Photo Credit: Sareee (via Twitter @Sareee_official)

Sareee Praises Giulia For Continuing Their Match Despite Injury

Sareee sat down for an interview on her official YouTube channel to discuss her insights on Marigold‘s first show Fields Forever.

When asked about Giulia‘s injury, Sareee revealed that she did not realize that Giulia had broken her wrist early into the match until after the show.

“Actually, I had no idea,” she responded when asked about noticing Giulia’s injury during the bout. She adds, “it was early into the match that her wrist broke is what I heard. But wow, a human can perform normally with a broken wrist and can do that much? ‘It’s amazing’ is what I thought.” Sareee proceeded to praise Giulia’s fighting spirit for pushing through the match despite the fractured wrist.

As previously reported, Sareee and Giulia will once again step across the ring from one another at Marigold’s July show: Summer Destiny. Only this time, it will be a singles match between the two. Sareee expressed excitement for the match at the famous Ryōgoku Kokugikan Sumo Hall. However, she wished for Giulia’s fastest recovery as she wants to face her in tip top shape. “I want her to get it [Giulia’s wrist] completely fixed and return or else the match won’t mean anything. Next time, for sure, yes. I want her to be in the best condition.”

As of the time of writing, Giulia has officially been discharged from the hospital. Marigold announced that the surgery was a success and that she is permitted to accompany the promotion to their events starting June. Giulia is expected to fully recover in time for her match against Sareee at Summer Destiny in July.