Naomi WWE Royal Rumble
Photo Credit: WWE

Naomi: Women Are Proving That We Are Draws, We Deserve TV Time And Wages Equal To The Men

Naomi discusses the state of women’s wrestling.

Naomi previously walked out of WWE in 2022. After she had a successful run in IMPACT/TNA, she returned to WWE in the 2024 Women’s Royal Rumble. She has since joined the WWE SmackDown roster.

Speaking with Fault Magazine, Naomi was asked to describe what changes or advances she wanted to see in the portrayal and representation of women in wrestling.

“I think now is the best the business has ever been for a female wrestler thanks to women over the decades continuously breaking down barriers,” Naomi said. ” I’ve seen a lot of growth and change in the industry since I started my career in 2009 with the way women are represented and treated in the business!  Slowly but showly women wrestlers have and are continuing to prove that we are draws, deserve the tv time and wages equal to the men.”

Naomi was also asked to comment on how she uses her platform to advocate for issues that are important to her.

“I don’t take the platform I have for granted.  Having the visibility and voice to be heard is very powerful,” Naomi said. “I see it as a responsibility I have to use my voice for the right things, causes I believe in, and stand for.”

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