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Tiffany Stratton: Jordynne Grace Coming To NXT Broadens WWE’s Roster

Tiffany Stratton comments on Jordynne Grace coming to NXT and expresses her excitement.

On the May 28 episode of WWE NXT, WWE announced that TNA’s Jordynne Grace would be Roxanne Perez’s challenger for the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT Battleground. Grace is set to compete on the June 4 episode of NXT as well.

During a recent appearance on the Battleground Podcast, Tiffany Stratton commented on Jordynne Grace coming to NXT. She said that she hopes Grace’s appearance and subsequent match at NXT Battleground opens the door for more wrestling companies to work together. (H/t Robert DeFelice of Fightful)

“Yeah, I think it’s so cool that we have people coming over from different promotions and stuff like that,” Tiffany Stratton said. “I definitely feel like it brings more eyes on the company, for sure, but it also kind of broadens our roster. I feel like Roxanne Perez vs. Jordynne Grace is a match people have in their dream matches before and they’re both in separate companies and the fact that maybe the possibility is there to get other talents from different companies.

“I feel like opens up so many different dream match opportunities and stuff like that. So I think it’s very cool.”

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