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Dominik Mysterio: Rhea Ripley Will Get One Of The Biggest Reactions Ever When She Returns

Dominik Mysterio is confident that Rhea Ripley‘s return will be a special moment.

Rhea Ripley relinquished the WWE Women’s World Championship due to injury on the April 15 episode of WWE RAW. She is set to miss the next few months.

Speaking with Matt Aguilar for ComicBook Nation, Dominik Mysterio discussed Rhea Ripley’s looming return.

“She’s just so loved by the fans and the people. I’m the complete opposite. They do not like me. So there’s been times where, everything leading up to Australia [WWE Elimination Chamber], that’s why you did not see me and Rhea together because she was Finn’s get cheered in Australia, and they wanted her to get cheered in Australia. If at any point in time I was with her in Australia or anything leading up to it, she would get booed. It’s crazy, right?

“So the fact that she was already getting this insane reaction, and people were seeing her every week, and now she’s gonna be gone for a couple months, you don’t know she’s she’s gonna come back, you have no idea what’s gonna happen. Then it’s like, once you hear [her music], people are gonna freaking lose their minds. Mark my words, people are gonna talk about it as one of the biggest reactions in wrestling history.”

Dominik Mysterio: The Reaction Will Be Massive

Dominik Mysterio went on to highlight other buzzworthy returns. He then reiterated his belief that Rhea Ripley will get a massive reaction.

“I know people talk about when Punk came back, when Randy back, even when ‘Stone Cold’ came back, but I think with Rhea, there’s something a little bit more special about it,” Dominik Mysterio said. “Maybe in just being biased because she’s helped me so much along the way, and I think she’s the best. But I think that’s reaction’s gonna be massive.”

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