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Matt Hardy Reveals Interesting Detail As To Why He Didn’t Re-sign With AEW, Says Discussions Are Ongoing

Matt Hardy has his reasons for not re-signing with All Elite Wrestling as of yet.

TNA Wrestling‘s Matt Hardy recently sat down with Denise Salcedo. When asked why he chose not to sign his new contract with All Elite Wrestling earlier this year, Hardy said it basically came down to a decreased number of dates and wanting to do as much as possible during the time he has left as an active competitor.

“Well, my contract was coming up, and I feel like they thought Jeff and I were kind of on the same schedule, but ours were a little different between some time he’d had off and injury time or whatnot. And then once my contract was coming up, the day came up, and they offered me a deal, but it had fewer dates,” Matt Hardy revealed. “Where I think they’re going to probably try and do this system a little more going forward.

“Give guys like X amount of dates and pay them so much per date. But the amount of dates wasn’t what I wanted because wherever I’m going to be for these last few years that, I can do this. I want to contribute wherever I’m at. So I want to try and be like involved in an important storyline and stuff where I can still stay relevant but still help elevate younger talent as well too.”

Matt Hardy and AEW still might come to terms on a new deal

Hardy went on to admit that he was still negotiating with All Elite Wrestling, and they may still reach a deal in the future, but for now, he’s happy working without a contract in TNA.

“So that’s the reason I chose not to re-sign at that time, and we’ve still talked, and we still have been talking and negotiating some,” Matt Hardy continued. “We’re still talking about things, and we may reach a deal, who knows? But right now, TNA has been great. I’ve been able to do it on a per-date basis. And we kind of had this idea about doing this thing with Moose right from the jump and signed off on it. I liked it a lot, and yeah, for the immediate future, while I’m out and not under contract anymore, I just plan on sticking with TNA right now.”

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