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Legado Del Fantasma Is Confident That Andrade Will ‘Come Around’

Legado del Fantasma is confident that Andrade will come around, though he rejected them on WWE SmackDown.

On the May 31 episode of WWE SmackDown, Andrade brushed off Legado del Fantasma’s effort to recruit him, even after Angel helped him beat Apollo Crews.

Speaking on the SmackDown LowDown, Legado del Fantasma commented on the situation, with Humberto noting that they could not trust Andrade. Angel responded by encouraging him to give him another chance. Santos Escobar weighed in by noting that “El Idolo” was never going to come around so easily.

Humberto: “I told you guys, we cannot trust Andrade. He’s an ungrateful man. We are complete now, we don’t need him.”

Angel: “Come on, give me one more chance, he’s gonna be good. You know him.”

Santos Escobar: “Guys, you didn’t really think Andrade was gonna come around that easy, did you?” 

Angel questioned what they would do about Apollo Crews, who attacked him backstage. Elektra Lopez said that Crews was Angel’s business. Escobar then expressed his confidence that Andrade would come around.

Escobar: “Familia, we’ll take care of business next week. As far as Andrade is concerned, he’ll come around.”

Angel is set to face face Crews on the June 7 episode of WWE SmackDown.

The video can be seen here:

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