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Billy Corgan Names The NWA Stars He Thinks Will Become Household Names

Billy Corgan is confident that several NWA stars have bright futures.

Billy Corgan purchased the National Wrestling Alliance in 2017. He continues to push the company forward. While the roster has some established names, it features various up-and-comers as well.

Speaking with Timothy Adams for ComicBook, Billy Corgan named which NWA stars he believes will be household names within five years.

“Joe Alonzo, Kenzie Paige, Kerry Morton, Alex Taylor, Carson Drake, Kylie Paige, Kenzie’s sister… I think we have in the neighborhood of 7-10 young talents who all have the capability to take it up to the next level,” Corgan said. “Of course, when they do take it up to the higher level, I want them standing in an NWA ring. And that’s why we made such a big commitment to younger talent. I want to be there as they mature from the first stage of their wrestling career to the second stage.”

Billy Corgan On NWA’s ‘Farm System’

Billy Corgan went on to discuss how he wanted to help these talents grow. He highlighted Jazz, Patt Kennedy, Dr. Tom Pritchard, and Homicide as he noted that NWA’s farm system was paying off.

“Symbiotically, I want them to help the NWA grow. In exchange, I want to help them grow as talent,” Billy Corgan said. “If you look at who’s scouting for us… Jazz, Patt Kenney, Dr. Tom Pritchard, Homicide… we’ve got some serious people who can look at a talent in the ring and maybe see something I can’t see. I’m very grateful to them because our farm system is really starting to see the NWA turn into a new era.”

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