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Photo Credit: WWE

Haku: Tama Tonga And Tonga Loa’s WWE Debuts Were A Surprise, They Kayfabed Me

Haku was not told by his sons that they would be debuting in WWE.

The former WWE Tag Team Champion is a legend in the business, appearing for WWE and WCW for many years. He is revered as one of the most feared men in wrestling, with stories of him biting another man’s nose off living long in the memory.

His sons have also now made it in the WWE. Tama Tonga debuted in Smackdown in April, joining Solo Sikoa’s Bloodline faction. Tonga Loa followed him at Backlash last month, reuniting the Guerrillas Of Destiny in the WWE.

However, those debuts were kept a secret from Haku. The legendary wrestler spoke with Sportskeeda about Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa’s debuts in the WWE this year.

He revealed his sons “kayfabe’d” him, not telling him about the appearance. It was a big surprise to see them appear, and said that it must have been part of the WWE contract to not tell anybody about their appearance.

“Advice? They Kayfabe’d me the whole deal! I was surprised to see them there! No, I guess that was the deal, not to tell anybody. They did a great job. We were sitting at home and watching, of course. Tama [Tonga] coming in, and of course Tonga Loa there. It was great, as a Samoan.”

Haku Laughed When Seeing “The Shockmaster” Debut For The First Time

Haku cracked up when he saw The Shockmaster appear in WCW, during an episode of Dark Side of the Ring.

The Tongan could not stop laughing when shown the clip, even mimicking the fall as he continued to laugh. Somehow, he had never seen the clip before, but his infectious laugh had the whole crew laughing along with him.

“[laughs] Did he just f* k up the gimmick? [Laughs heartily] Oh my goodness,” he said. “Oh my goodness [laughs]. It looked like he [mimics the fall]. He was looking for the gimmick, swinging and looking for the gimmick. [Laughs heartily again] Fred [Ottman], I still love you [laughs] I never seen that shit before. [Laughs] That was something else. I’d never seen that before, believe me.”