Pat McAfee Caitlin Clark
Photo by Luke Hales/Getty Images ; WWE

Pat McAfee Apologizes For Referring To Caitlin Clark As A ‘White B*tch’ During His Show

Pat McAfee apologizes to Caitlin Clark.

Speaking on the June 3 episode of The Pat McAfee Show, the WWE RAW commentator sparked some controversy when he referred to Caitlin Clark as a “white b*tch” who was a superstar. McAfee was responding to the criticism that Clark has been the target of throughout her WNBA career so far.

McAfee then took to Twitter to apologize. He stated that he should not have used “white b*tch” as a descriptor of Caitlin Clark. McAfee also said that he has “way too much” respect for Clark and women to put that into the universe. He noted that he sent an apology to Clark as well.

“I shouldn’t have used ‘white b*tch’ as a descriptor of Caitlin Clark,” Pat McAfee wrote. “No matter the context.. even if we’re talking about race being a reason for some of the stuff happening.. I have way too much respect for her and women to put that into the universe.

My intentions when saying it were complimentary just like the entire segment but, a lot of folks are saying that it certainly wasn’t at all. That’s 100% on me and for that I apologize… I have sent an apology to Caitlin as well.

“Everything else I said… still alllllll facts.”

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