WWE NXT Battleground
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Shawn Michaels Sees NXT Battleground As ‘Almost A WrestleMania Worthy Kind Of Card’

NXT will be heading to Las Vegas for the Battleground Premium Live Event on June 9. The event will be taking place live from the UFC Apex for the first time. Ahead of the PLE, the head of creative of the Black and Gold Brand, Shawn Michaels shared his thoughts on the upcoming event and the significance of the show taking place in Las Vegas at UFC Apex.

Recently, while speaking on The Mark Hoke Show Pro Wrestling Radio / Podcast, Shawn Michaels mentioned that it is an honor for NXT to be the first brand that gets to perform in the UFC Apex arena.

“Yeah. It really is. This is just huge for NXT. For us to again, be the first brand to get to be, I don’t know, performing in that state-of-the-art facility of UFC Apex to really kind of just I don’t know, solidify that merger and the relationship with you know, UFC and obviously TKO and I don’t know, the WWE. It’s just really big for us here in NXT to be the guys that are having their first show in this amazing venue. The men and women of NXT, very excited about coming out to Las Vegas on June 9th. And of course, getting to perform in it.

“Look, the entertainment capital of the world right? I mean, what are we talking about? Las Vegas, the future home of WrestleMania and we’re looking forward to come out there and putting on a fantastic event. Got a great show lined up for everybody. And again, just very excited about making our way out there next week. It’s going to be a blast.”

Shawn Michaels on the Underground Match between Shayna Baszler and Lola Vice

The Heartbreak Kid also shared his thoughts on the Underground match between two friends turned foes, Shayna Baszler and Lola Vice. Adding to the match, there is also the NXT Women’s North American Ladder match, the Men’s NXT North American title Triple Threat match, and more.

“You see the atmosphere that we create here in Orlando with those Underground matches and then to bring that out to Las Vegas, it’s just going to be amazing. One of those things where all the sorts of stars align and they come together. I really do. I really feel like this is almost a WrestleMania worthy kind of card that we put together for Battleground on June 9th. And again so proud that is getting to get to be the ones bringing this to all of you out there in Las Vegas. It’s going to be a big night, gonna be a fantastic night, and we are gonna have a great deal of fun seeing y’all in the next couple of weeks,” Shawn Michaels said.

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