Damian Priest wrestlemania
Photo Credit: WWE via Peacock

Kevin Nash: Damian Priest Has Really Risen To The Occasion, He Looks Like A Star

At WrestleMania 40 the then Señor Money in the Bank Damian Priest cashed in to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Recently, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash shared his honest thoughts on El Champiòn.

While speaking on the latest episode of the Kliq This podcast, Kevin Nash mentioned that Damian Priest had risen to the occasion.

“Well I mean, I thought some sh*t happened at King of The Ring… Well, they’re going to the whatever it is, the Schlock in Scotland. Whatever that… The Castle thing (Clash At The Castle). And with Drew being Scottish, you would think that… But then last… When you watch Monday Night Raw, you look at it and you just… I just really think and I… We were talking about this in the pre-show for a minute.

“I just think Damian has really f***ing risen to the occasion. When he went toe-to-toe… And I watched it, I want to think Tuesday night. Yeah, I watched it Tuesday night. And I was just like, A. He’s like Drew’s big old f*****. Damian’s a big… I’ve been around Damian. But Damian’s star power gave him the appearance of being bigger than he actually is. He just looked like a star. He looked so comfortable, he looked like he should have that belt.”

Kevin Nash compares Damian Priest to Stone Cold Steve Austin

During the same episode, Nash mentioned that he was a fan of Priest from back when he was in NXT.

“I was [on the Damian Priest train] when he was in NXT. I thought he was going to be a… Scott and I both thought… But Scott was the one that really… Scott was dead on with him as was Kid.”

Nash also compared Priest to WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin.

“How much of that [Damian Priest’s run on the Main roster as part of The Judgment Day] is the fact of… Rhea’s so good. She is a once in a generation talent. So, when you’re packaged with her and you’re going out and she’s doing a lot of the mic work. How much of that is now what he’s carrying the torch along with the strap. Things happen like, Triple H decides that he’s going to do the Curtain Call with his buddies. And lo and behold, he doesn’t win the King of The Ring. Austin wins the King of the Ring.

“I’m just saying, going back. So, that’s what happens in this industry. Because like, we… we… I’ll say it a thousand times… But you, don’t have to hit a curveball, you don’t have to throw 100 miles an hour. You don’t have… It’s whatever is written on the f***ing piece of paper happens and if you just so happen to f***ing click with what they are doing, sky is the limit. Austin’s probably the biggest star this business has ever seen and Priest is to me as big a star they’ve got right now,” Kevin Nash said.

Do you think Damian Priest should be the face of WWE moving forward?